Discounts on Editage services: All Labs registered to EFL will receive discounts on English Editing, Publication Support, and Translation services. When your group submits over 4 manuscripts, all members receive 5% discount on their future submissions

When your group submits over 15 manuscripts, all group members receive 10% discount on their future assignments.

Discounts on Editage services


Manuscripts submitted by your lab

5th to 15th manuscript

16th manuscript onward

Discounts available to all registered members






Note: If Editage is offering any other special discounts through other campaigns, you and your lab members will be eligible to receive the highest discount available from among our existing plans.

Special benefits:
Get manuscripts in PDF or LaTeX format edited without a premium fee.

Discounts on Journal Selection and Pre-submission Peer Review Service:
Also, all Pre-submission Peer Review and Journal Selection service will receive 15% discount

Special benefits on Editage workshops/webinars:
Special Discounts to Editage for Labs users who want to attend our Workshop and Webinars

Special access to Editage Learning Resources:
All registered lab members will receive a free Editage e-book learning pack, which contains useful resources and tips on manuscript preparation and the publication process.

Special access for free consultation from our publication experts on queries related to the journal submission process.
Registered lab members can consult our publication experts on queries related to the journal submission process, such as:
  • How do I respond to reviewers comments?
  • How do I ensure that I am publishing ethically?
  • Should exclusive credit be given to the researcher who publishes his/her research first?
  • How long should I wait for a response from the journal?
  • What do journal editors spot first in a submission package?
**Note: for asking the questions above, mention "Editage for Labs" in the subject line after you click here.