Once you (admin)** or your members are logged in to the Editage Online System

  1. Click the “My Lab” button on your dashboard
  2. Once you are on your My Labs page, you will see the details of the members part of your Lab
  3. You will see the total no. of assignments submitted by your lab
  4. You will see the total no. of members part of your lab
  5. You will also see the total no. discounts your lab has availed through Editage for Labs

You can register multiple labs! All you need to do is:

  1. Click the “My labs” button on your Editage Online System dashboard
  2. Click “Add new lab”
  3. Start adding members to your lab

There's more!! You can add additional members to your lab at any given point of time. To add more member, click the “My labs” button on the Editage Online System dashboard and click “Add members”.


  1. Only the administrator (admin)** of the group can add or delete members.
  2. **Admin: The member creating the lab will be the admin of the group by default. 

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