If you have already selected a target journal, our experts evaluate the journal and your paper and check whether it is a suitable choice. In addition, we recommend other suitable journals. Thus, you can ensure that your target journal is suitable, learn about other journals that may be appropriate, and make a more informed choice.

Moreover, given the high rejection rates of journals, authors often have to submit their manuscripts to several journals before their paper is accepted for publication. Therefore, it is prudent to keep a list of journals ready—if your paper is rejected by your target journal, you will have a list of other journals to choose from for resubmission.

We have found that Journal Selection is one of the most useful and basic services that we can provide authors, even those who have already selected one target journal. This is the reason that we have included it in all three packs.

However, if you are confident that you do not need this service, we recommend that you create a Custom pack.